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Beijing green building materials, green building collaborative innovation development BBS held in April

Date: 2017-01-05

Guide language: in order to speed up the implementation of the party central committee and state council on developing green building and the requirements of building materials, developing green building materials, building energy conservation and green building and new urbanization construction demand, promote green building materials and green building benign interaction, by the China building materials inspection certification group co., LTD. (CTC) held "2017 green building materials, green building collaborative innovation development peak BBS" will be on April 11-12, 2017 held in Beijing feng international hotel.

CTC is engaged in the green building materials evaluation technology research began in the 1990 s.As one of the earliest institutions to carry out research in this field in our country, the CTC based on a series of national scientific research project, has achieved fruitful results, and got the high recognition of the competent department of the government, to build national green building materials evaluation system provides important support.At the same time, the CTC to represent building materials industry in the preparation of a series of green building evaluation standard.CTC found on the above work, green building materials and green building for a long time, independent development, the lack of effective connection, lead to problems in terms of green building material and green building materials application.On the one hand, the architect for building materials, especially the performance of the new material to understand enough.In the face of the green building energy saving, water saving, material saving, such as target, especially as the quantitative targets, the architect for the selection of building materials is uncertain;On the other hand building materials manufacturers to understand the function of the green building goals is not enough, in choosing project and ignored the requirements of green building specifications, products with green building and the adaptability and compatibility is poor.Therefore, both sides is an urgent need to authoritative third-party institutions set up a platform of communication, communication and interaction.

Aiming at these problems, the CTC will be invited from the green building materials and green building industry chain involved in research and development, production, design, implementation, and other industry experts and scholars, nearly 500 delegates gathered in the BBS site, explore green building materials and green building how to implement effective connection through a third party evaluation and platform, the relations between and among through dialogue, collaborative innovation, and common development.

The BBS theme of "fusion technology innovation cooperation and win-win", BBS will be in the form of diverse international technology exchange new technology, new product release, project docking, enterprise investment and financing cooperation talks and other activities, supplemented by BBS, round table dialogue, comprehensive interpretation of green building materials and green building collaborative innovation technology core change with the industry development and win-win.