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The May Day holiday has triggered an upsurge of archaeological tourism, and tourists from Sanxingdui and other museums have increased dramatically

Date: 2021-05-08

On May 3, "I didn't expect that the craftsmanship of ancient Shu people thousands of years ago was so exquisite." Wearing a cultural mask with bronze mask, Li Yan, a Hebei tourist, frequently presses the shutter at the 3.96 meter bronze tree in Sanxingdui Museum“ Before I saw the archaeological discovery of Sanxingdui site online, I found it amazing and yearning for it. I came to see it with my family on a special trip during the holiday. "

There are not a few people who make the same choice as Li. On the third day of the May 1 small holiday, Sanxingdui Museum in Guanghan, Sichuan Province was still hot. In the early morning, a long line was formed at the entrance of the museum. The visitors from all over the world moved orderly with the interpreters, and talked with ancient Shu people through time and space through cultural relics.

Ren toung, Minister of Industrial Development Department of Sanxingdui Museum scenic spot management committee, introduced that since the new round of archaeological excavation results of Sanxingdui site was announced in March this year, the number of visitors to visit has been increasing. After receiving more than 45000 tourists in the three days of Qingming holiday, the museum again welcomes the peak of visitors“ On the first two days of the May 1 "small and long holiday, Sanxingdui Museum received 34574 tourists, an increase of 284.4% compared with the same period in 2019.

The fire scene of Sanxingdui Museum is just a miniature of the "archaeological Tour" boom in China during the May 1st small and long holiday this year. The imperial Museum of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty limited 65000 people a day, and was ridiculed by netizens that "only the head can not see the Terra Cotta Warriors"; The Palace Museum has sold out of holiday tickets, opening half an hour in advance to cope with the peak passenger flow; Hubei Museum, which has been collected by Zeng Houyi, temporarily added tickets. From May 2 to May 5, the ticket amount of 1000 people will be increased every day... It is reported that the reservation volume of science popularization, archaeology, museum and cultural sites has increased by more than 15 times on the platform of "flying pig".

As another popular place for Sichuan to take ancient culture and travel, Chengdu Museum has a strong popularity, and the waiting team at the gate twists into a "long dragon". It is reported that the museum "May 1" small long holiday two days before the arrival of about 35000 people to watch“ Looking at these ancient cultural relics, it seems that through time and space, we see the scenes of ancient life, which is very magical. " A fine and detailed view of a wrong gold and silver inlaid with Turquoise bronze mirror, Guizhou University Student Wu Jiaxi smile.

According to Li Zhao, director of cultural industry management department and history doctor of the New College of culture and new education of Xihua University, the good situation of epidemic prevention and control has prompted more Chinese people to go out of their homes this holiday. Archaeological discovery, as a witness of history, has a natural attraction for tourists because of its mysterious attributes. Therefore, under the background of frequent hot debate in Sanxingdui archaeology, it is not surprising that the "archaeological Tour" upsurge appears“ This phenomenon highlights the public's curiosity and recognition of the ancient Chinese civilization, and behind it is the more and more firm cultural confidence. To understand the past can we better create the future. "

A large number of tourists come to punch cards, but also "bring fire" the Samsung Dui Museum of cultural and creative products. Among them, "Bronze Mask" ice cream, bronze mask printed masks and so on "out of the circle", full of heat. Ren told reporters that cultural and creative products are important carriers for cultural relics to "live". At present, there are more than 300 cultural and creative products in the museum“ I hope that more people can understand Sanxingdui culture, so as to highlight the charm of ancient Shu civilization and Chinese civilization. "

"Characteristics are the vitality of tourism industry, and the cultural and creative IP is an important part of the characteristics." Li Zhao told reporters that as one of the subdivisions of tourism industry, koguwen Bo you has great potential for development.