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China's first online tourism asset index released

Date: 2020-03-19

The index can evaluate the online assets of tourism operators such as destinations and scenic spots, and provides industry standards for the online, data and intelligent tourism industry.

After the epidemic has gradually passed, how to promote the recovery of tourism and the upgrading of services has become a topic for industry thinking. On March 18, the China Tourism Academy officially released the online asset evaluation method and system for the travel industry, the "Online Travel Property Index" (hereinafter referred to as "TPI"). The index can evaluate the online assets of tourism operators such as destinations and scenic spots, and provide industry standards with academic guidance and application value for the online, data, and intelligent tourism industry.

According to reports, the TPI index is divided into five dimensions, including: the release index, which refers to the measurement of the amount of content related to short videos, graphics, and strategies published by consumers on the travel platform; the spread index, which refers to the ability to acquire traffic for related content Measurement; interaction index, which is the measurement of consumer interaction activity; word-of-mouth index, which measures the amount of consumer reviews and recommendations for related content; transaction index, which is a measure of the supply capacity and online conversion power of tourism operators Measure.

He Qiongfeng, Director of the Data Analysis Institute of the China Tourism Research Institute, expressed the hope that the release of the TPI index will truly promote China's tourism industry to attach importance to the creation, accumulation and operation of online assets, and also hope that major tourism platforms, destinations, and scenic spots will further accelerate The construction of tourism assets really promotes the transformation and upgrading and high-quality development of China's tourism industry.

It is reported that, as the first pilot platform of TPI, Malaysian honeycomb has been put into use. According to reports, the “North Polaris Tourism Big Data Service System” independently developed by Malaysia Cellular Tourism has applied TPI to industry practice. The relevant person in charge of Ma Honeycomb also introduced that the "Polestar Tourism Big Data Service System" can also serve as the brain of scenic spots and tourist businesses in the future, providing more data and reference information for scenic spot enterprises. The China Tourism Research Institute will also open the TPI index Give more platforms and use in more tourism industries.